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Update definition problem


Update definition problem


I'm facing problem when updating (F5) the definition of the tested REST web services


- from scratch, I'm creating a project importing swagger json : definitions seems Ok in "Projects" tab

- I'm updating (for test) the web services definition (F5), with the same json


the web services definition changes in the project panel, some redundant  parameters are added




first definition after project creation


Resource Path: /XXXXXXX/XXX/v1/environments/{envName}/filters/{filterName}


after update


Resource Path: /XXXXXXX/XXX/v1/environments/{envName}/filters/{filterName}{envName}{filterName}


the two last parameters are wrongly added ?


what can i do to update correctly the REST definition ?


Thank you




SmartBear Alumni (Retired)


Are you using Ready! API 1.9? If you aren’t, I recommend that you update to this version. Does it help?

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

Hello Tanya,


Yes I'm using the latest release


Build Date: 20161017-1541



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Thanks for checking this. In this case, I recommend that you submit a case to our Support Team to investigate this behavior. You can contact them here: via

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

Thank you Tanya

    it is already done...


Please update when you know a solution. We are having the exact same problem.

Should be solved in ready api 2.0


Occasional Contributor

Hi, @Ludo15101966,


There are two things I feel are worth mentioning:


1) If at all possible I would advise that you stress to the development team that they rather provide you with a WADL. While ready!api is great at dealing with swagger annotation there are certain aspects that it does not pick up well (I think my last usage was against 1.9.0 - I just pulled in a swagger file to keep myself honest).


One of the immediate things I noticed was incorrect data typing even though they were expressed in the swagger file. The other was what you have mentioned above with updating. WADL works like a dream and it feels like ready!api parses and displays it better. The only difference that I noticed where swagger was better was that of the info tooltip annotations which are imported beautifully into ready!api. This is wonderful but not a deal breaker.


The third value is actually a booleanThe third value is actually a boolean

          "name" : "redacted",
          "in" : "query",
          "description" : "redacted",
          "required" : false,
          "type" : "boolean"


Another big difference I note between WADL and Swagger that leads me to enforce it as our companies RESTful definition is it's adherence to the folder structure. The Swagger definition file does not nest itself. All nested values are all displayed as from root. Which makes it less intuitive to traverse.


2) The updating functionality can sometimes struggle to course correct itself when dealing with certain schema changes. My suggestion is for you to open up the refactor definition tab and see if all the lines are correctly lined up and that neither of the sides are red.



Hope this helps you through this problem.

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