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Unable to run WSDualHttpBinding

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Unable to run WSDualHttpBinding

Error getting response for WSDualHttpBindingfailed: Connection timed out: connect

Does ReadyAPI supports WSDualHttpBinding

If not, is there any other alternate way for it



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Hey @kiwi23

This is a total guess on my part cos its been quite a while since i touched SOAP, but id suggest that ReadyAPI/SoapUI supports dual binding just fine. Id look at other reasons for your connection closing out. ReadyAPI/SoapUI and even any other tool like SOATest, Katalon, jmeter or even Postman use what you give them. Id be very surprised if they didnt support dual binding as its just another SOAP tag adding/controlling certain properties of the contract.

I could be wrong (i usually am!😁), but i dont think so this time.


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Contacted SmartBear and found out that WSDualHttpBinding is not supported by ReadyAPI

so its a no.

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Thank you for sharing the reply from support with the Community, kiwi23. 

Sonya Mihaljova
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