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Unable to open open AMQP editor

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Unable to open open AMQP editor



I am trying to connect to RabbitMQ using the AMQP support plugin. I installed it and restarted ReadyAPI. I can add AMQP test step in my test cases, however I cannot open the editor at all. Nothing happens when I click on it compared to other test steps where the editor immediately shows up.


I am using ReadyAPI 3.2 with a SoapUI Pro.


Thanks in advance!

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Has this issue been resolved? I am using ReadyApi 3.3.0 and I am running into the same issue.  The AMQP Publish (and Receive) Editor will not open.

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Yes this was resolved. They published an update for the plugin. 


Here's the complete answer :


Navigate to the integrations tab, If you have the AMQP plugin installed, on the right panel, you will see a small update icon on AMQP plugin, please click that and update the plugin. It should then work as expected.


If you don't have the plugin installed, then go ahead with a fresh install. Let me know how it goes.


Thank you @JonathanRoux !  I already had the AMQP plugin, but it needed an update.  I'm able to open the editor now.

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