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Transferring properties to JDBC request

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Transferring properties to JDBC request

I am transferring a property from a response to JDBC request, giving the property a name citadel_account_id and adding that to sql query, but when I execute the query I get the below error.

SQL query: select * from citadel_account where citadel_account_id='${JDBC Request1#citadel_account_id}'

Tue Nov 16 12:51:46 PST 2010:INFO:Error getting response for [JDBC Request1]; java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parameter not found: citadel_account_id

When I run the query without any properties, it run fine but it doesn't with a property, there is no documentation online on how to transfer properties to JDBC requests and use them in the sql queries.
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select *
from sessions
where sessie_id = :sessieId

you need to use :sessieId to retrieve the property of the query
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Exclude the quotes in the query like this [select * from citadel_account where citadel_account_id=${JDBC Request1#citadel_account_id}] and try.

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