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Test case doesn't stop if a step failed


Test case doesn't stop if a step failed


I figured out a difference between SoapUI Community and ReadyAPI which surprised me. Using with Community version, any test case stop at the first error. This is not the case with ReadyAPI. It is the case with UI but not with test runner. I guess it should be the same.


Are you aware of that ?

Do you have a plan to implement something to change that ?



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Hi @Flo,


I think the behavior you describe depends on the "Abort on error" ReadyAPI option. Please check the following documentation article:

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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You are right if using UI, but I am talking about, for test automation. I think the option "Abort on errors" exists only for UI.

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I think the 'Abort on error' is indeed set from the UI but once it is done it also applies for the testrunner part.


I tested it using testrunner and couldn't reproduce your issue. I also attached the project I used.

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This seems to work after copied my own soapui-settings.xml to the server which launch

This was the solution, thanks for helping me out.

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