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Supporting ecies based encrpytion

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Supporting ecies based encrpytion

Hello,  in a project we are facing the usage of ecies encryption, where in general the http request is encrypted completely, before it is send.  So basically readyAPI did't support that, without writing a lot of scripts around. Does someone have experiences about, are there some plugin available or does smartbear maybe plan to support stuff like that?

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Hi @TLerche,


You could submit a feature request via the following embedded link 


but to be honest - there's so many different possible encryption/decryption, encoding/decoding schemes out there I doubt SmartBear would bother as there's always another scheme being developed.


even base64 encode/decode, which is used loads isn't supported natively by ReadyAPI! - you need to use Java to handle it.


I did find a stackoverflow page and a git page which describes using Java to ecies encrypt/decrypt something - that might help you going forwards.





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