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Support in this forum

Hi soapUi support,

you are doing great job with improving your software but you should change your policy in posting in this forum. I think you are very inactive. You should come here two time per week at least and answer our question because we need help. This section is paid so this is another reason to get help from you. I can see question in this section 3 weeks old: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13142 and there isnt any answer from your side !!! If you cant get support to your software people stops buying your product so please do something with this situation

PS: you should also helping people in non paid section because there is a lot of unanswered question and this people are your potential new customers
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You're totally right, we've been neglecting support lately and we're really sorry about that. The last release (and post-release work) has been keeping us really busy, and we've definitely slipped up regarding support. We're working hard on getting through our support backlog, here on the forum as well as e-mail, and getting our eyes back on what's most important; our users. Thanks for sticking with us, we hope to make it up to you!

The support team
SmartBear Software

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