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Support for a custom message queue platform ?

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Support for a custom message queue platform ?

It looks like ReadyAPI only supports messaging platforms which are based on JMS. Currently, it only supports two JMS platforms as mentioned here - Active MQ & WebSphere MQ. Say, I have a custom messaging platform or a commercial one like Amazon SNS.

What do I need to make ReadyAPI work with my platform? Does ReadyAPI need to build custom solutions for my platform or do I just need to figure out how to make my platform accessible to ReadyAPI?

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Hey @rajs2020

I think the majority of messaging support is historical cos jms has been around for yonks and jms support was included in Eviware's SoapUI.
There is an AMQP plugin i believe and i think i might have seen someone post a question about MQTT too, although im not sure as im relying on my memory.


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