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SoapUI Fails to terminate the Test

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SoapUI Fails to terminate the Test


I'm using following code in groovy script step to exit out of test case but soapUI 4.0 fails to exit when the condition is met. I'm attaching the screenshot of the window where the load test has done more than 5001 loop.

Is it possible to exit the load test when certain count as in 'cnt' colum is reached. Ideally during the test we want to send 'x' no of Find request & exit out when it is reached

if( context.loopIndex == null )
context.loopIndex = 0
if( ++context.loopIndex == 5001 )
if( context.LoadTestRunner!= null )
context.LoadTestRunner.cancel( "Achieved TPS" )

Thanks in Advance for your reply
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