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Running a created report fails with java error

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Running a created report fails with java error

I attempted to create a TestSuite report (and a Project report) and I get the following error when trying to run the report.

Fri Oct 09 13:32:13 EDT Report design not valid :
1. Parameter not found : FailedTestSteps
2. Parameter not found : TestStepResults

Where to begin in troubleshooting this error?
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Hm...Can you give me more details so I can try to reproduce it? Also, you could check do you have TestStepResultReport and FailedTestStepReport in subreports ( check project panel-> reporting tab-> subreports tab). Did you change contest of TestSuite/Project Report and already mentioned subreport( I guess no , but need to check ) ?

Let me know so we can figure out,

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