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Run a test before other tests in a suite?

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Run a test before other tests in a suite?

I want to create a test suite in which the 1st test case supplies test data to the subsequent test cases via its custom properties. I want the first test case to run only once before any other test case in the suite. It should run only once when I run all the tests in the suite, or when I run only one test in the suite. How do I do this in ReadyAPI? Is it a good idea to implement my test data setup like this?


PS - This is similar to TestNg @BeforSuite or @BeforeClass annotations.

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Thank you, Community, a lot of great advice pieces in this thread.


@rajs2020 Does the latest suggestion by nmrao help?

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Any update on this @rajs2020?

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I gave up on this and moved to other work. So, I'll close this thread.

You can also use Events like TestSuiteRunListener.beforeRun

I use it for example to add the Testsuite to Testrail before starting the tests.

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