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Robot Framework integrations

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Robot Framework integrations

Hi, i am quality assurance engineer working for one of the cloud project.

While working on that, there is a need to Run existing SoapUI test Suite(prepared in ready API)_ in RobotFramework. after exploring multiple open source libraries available, we are not successful to do so.

Can someone from your team, could help me in reusing the project XML in robot framework and execute it using testrunner(in a different machine), by importing specific libraries.

Please help me to resolve this.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Sasikanth1,


Thanks for reaching out!
One of our experts, @NBorovykh, has looked into the case for me. She suggested referring to the following resource:

The information may help you.


But, first, you need to install ReadyAPI and activate the license on the machine where you are going to run your test. Otherwise, as part of your test, you can install it in silent mode.

The Floating license type is recommended in this scenario. Here are the instructions to automate applying a floating license:

Please let me know whether this works for you.

Olga Terentieva
SmartBear Assistant Community Manager

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