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Retreiving data from Mongo db using Groovy and assigning it to a test case property

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Retreiving data from Mongo db using Groovy and assigning it to a test case property

Hi, I'm looking to create a test step that can connect to MongoDB, run a query, and then assign the result to a test case property. I have the connection working and I can retrieve a result as a row count. However I cannot get the actual result to assign it to a test case property. I know how to assign a value to a test case property but simply cannot get the result in order to do that. Below is my existing code. I'm connecting to a MongoDB called database called 'digital', within that there is a collection called 'QuoteSummary'. Within 'QuoteSummary' I'm searching for a "quoteRefNo" where "workReferenceNo" = GPE0024879. Its the resulting "quoteRefNo" that I want to assign to a test case property.


import com.gmongo.GMongoClient
import com.mongodb.MongoCredential
import com.mongodb.ServerAddress
import com.mongodb.BasicDBObject

def credentials = MongoCredential.createCredential('hidden_user', 'digital', 'hidden_pwsd' as char[])
def serverAddress = new ServerAddress('hidden_servername_and_port')
def mongo = new GMongoClient(serverAddress, [credentials])
def db = mongo.getDB('digital')
BasicDBObject query = new BasicDBObject("workReferenceNo":"GPE0024879")
BasicDBObject query1 = new BasicDBObject(quoteRefNo: 1,_id: 0)

def collection = db.getCollection('QuoteSummary')

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hello martinrampton,


that query looks a little out of place...   Maybe just stick with the collection to debug for a little bit then add the query.



def db = mongo.getDB('digital')
def collection = db.getCollection('QuoteSummary') collection.find().first();

// or

Document myDoc = collection.find().first(); myDoc.toString();

// or myDoc.toJson();


if you can identify content in the collection, you can start forming query.


myDoc = collection.find(eq("workReferenceNo", "GPE0024879")).first(); myDoc.toString();

// or myDoc.toJson();

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@martinrampton, do you have any updates on the case?

Did you have a chance to try the suggestion that @TNeuschwanger provided?


If it answers your question, please click the Accept as Solution button below that suggestion.



We are looking forward to hearing from you,


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Thanks Todd, I worked though this in debug as you suggested and eventually manged to get some meaningful data out of Mongo DB. I now have it passing this data back into my test case.


I used the below code you have mentioned

Document myDoc=collection.find().first()

If I used first() or last() function it works fine. I pull the first or last document from the collection. However if I try to use just find() I’m not able to retrieve ALL the documents that match the query I pass in the file. Can you please help? What is the code to pull all the docs from the collection.

Hello Karsa,

I don't know the answer...  I would look at the ".each" on a collection.  I am only speculating that you could use similar iteration techniques that are used on lists or maps.


collection.each {

   Document myDoc = it;

   ...  do something with individual document  ...   





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