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Resource/Method Window creation when Copying Test Step From Functional Suite into Load Test

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Resource/Method Window creation when Copying Test Step From Functional Suite into Load Test

I've created a test suite in one functional test suite and copied in other test steps from different functional suites.  A 'Resource/Method" window has populated on each of these imported test steps, but it will not allow me to edit the resource endpoint which of course if different for each imported test step.


Any ideas on who to remove this window so I can edit from the Endpoint window?

I tried adding my '/create' method to the endpoint in hopes that it would over-write the method, which it did NOT.

No apparent way to remove the "Resource/Method" window either.




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Hey @wiseAcre,

I might be misunderstanding....are you saying that youre trying to edit the URL details (host and URI) from within the teststep itself?

If youre trying to do this, you wont be able to.

Essentially the way everythings setup in soapui/readyapi is that you create the service (specifying full URL, authentication/authorisation, headers, etc.) and this can be considered the parent record.

The associated teststeps are created based on the content defined in the parent services, so the teststeps can be considered children of the parent services, and you cant change a child without changing the parent first.

In summary, if you want to change an endpoint in a teststep youll need to change the service details first.

You have a couple of choice here. You can either create multiple services hardcoding the different endpoints you need to point at (one service per different endpoint), or the more complex, but efficient solution is to paramaterise your endpoint details and store the different variations as say project level properties.


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