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[Resolved] Loosing inserted data changing from Form to XML

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[Resolved] Loosing inserted data changing from Form to XML

I have this annoying problem with two of our services that I am testing in SoapUI Pro. I am using the default request generated during import of wsdl. Fill up almost 100 parameters with values (in this case manually writing the parameters and not imported from a data source) and save the project. As soon as I send the request or change from "Form" view to "XML" so most of the data that I have written in the request just disappear.
I have this problem only for two of our currently 12 services and only when I am using stand alone SoapUI Pro.
When I am importing the same project in Eclipse free version of SoapUI plugin so everything is fine 😞
Is anybody out there who has experienced the same problem with SoapUI Pro.
Stand alone SaopUI Pro version: 4.5.1
Free SoapUI Eclipse plugin: 4.0.1
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One month and still no answer from support ? I see that nothing changed and supports are still very inactive

Sorry about the late response, Can you please try with a couple and see if it disappears(Just curiousplease let us know). Also can you attach the project so that we can test this. Thanks.
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The problem was solved long ago and the root cause, in our case, was our WSDL:s and XML schemas.
I have been using SoapUI-Pro now in 3-4 months and impressed by lots of features that I have found out in the tool, like indesign Groovy, property transfers, loadtests, Jasper reporting etc.
However the support of the tool is well .... πŸ™‚
Thanks anyway.
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Hi again!



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I encountered the same problem.

I notice our WSDL (generated from .net) contains a namespace that is associated with 13 different prefixes. The elements missing in the xml happened to be elements using these duplicate namespaces. As a quick test I edited the wsdl and changed the elements namespace prefix to the last of one defined, then retested in soap ui and the elements then were kept in the xml view. I think soap ui may have a limit on how many times a namespace can be assigned a different prefix.

I think our WSDL should have a better definition. However the developers are beholden to .Net and I doubt Microsoft will be making improvements soon. So it would be helpful if SOAP UI could handle the condition.

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