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Refactoring in SOAPUI Pro

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Refactoring in SOAPUI Pro

Hey All, 

I am looking for some clarification about the REST Refactoring tool.  The Documentation discusses Ready API but says that to use the tool a SOAPUI Pro License is required.  Does this Tool come with SOAPUI Pro? or do we need to invest in Ready API?


See Documentation Below:

 Applies to ReadyAPI 2.6, last modified on January 15, 2019

If your web service is updated, you may need to change test cases and requests in ReadyAPI. ReadyAPI offers the Refactor Definition command that simplifies this task. The command invokes a dialog box where you can set a correspondence between existing and new resources, methods and requests, as well as their parameters. Then, ReadyAPI will automatically update the requests and test steps in your project so that they match the updated specification.

Note that if you do not have a WADL or Swagger/OpenAPI definition for your API (for example, if you created a project from an endpoint), you will not be able to perform REST refactoring.

 To use refactoring, you need the SoapUI Pro license.

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Refactoring REST APIs is embeded in ReadyApi. It is not a different tool.


If you have a REST or SOAP definition, then you can click on the Projects tab.


The rest is very well described in the documentation.

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