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Readyapi doesnt close (context)menus after clicking

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Readyapi doesnt close (context)menus after clicking



Got a strange problem in readyApi. When clicking an option in 1 of the menu's, the menu doens't dissappear which makes readyApi unusable within a few clicks.


I got a few projects in my workspace, and when I try to remove one, i can click the close button for example, but it doenst close the project. The menu is 'hiddenly' closed instead, because the mouseover animation is gone, but it still looks like its open. 

This also applies to the top menus. Once opened, they won't disappear when a menu entry is clicked.


I have to restart ReadyApi once every 10-15 clicks, which makes it unusable.



- Reinstalling the application, even updated to latest version.

- Updating reinstalling Java



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I got the same problem. It might be caused by Windows 11 because I have the same version of ReadyAPI on a Windows 10 workstation with the same Java version (17,0,6) and there everything works fine.

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