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ReadyAPI1.4.1 not starting up

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ReadyAPI1.4.1 not starting up

I was working with ReadyAPI 1.4.1 and then installed ReadyAPI1.7.1.


As the new version didnt work, I want to go back to 1.4.1.

I see issues with ReadyAPI1.4.1 starting up. I uninstalled both the versions, rebooted and then installed ReadyAPI1.4.1.

I still not able to start ReadyAPI1.4.1 on my mac.


Any suggestions how can I solve this ?




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Re: ReadyAPI1.4.1 not starting up

Hi Saanu22,


Why doesn't  Ready! API 1.7 work for you? I recommend that we try to resolve this issue instead of working with the obsolete product version.


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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