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ReadyAPI to improve Performance during Test Run

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ReadyAPI to improve Performance during Test Run



I have been using ReadyAPI version 2.6.0 in a VM


During the test execution run, I can see the ReadyAPI consumes more memory due to logs which also at same time consumes more CPU memory. Due to this, Using other applications in parallel is getting difficult


Could you guys consider this and trying optimising the tool a bit?


Meanwhile , Do we have any suggestions which we can follow to improve the performance of the tool?

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Hi @ersath97,

I had exactly the same problem when i was running ReadyAPI! in a VM a couple of years ago.

Have you investigated getting better resource slicing on your VM? The amount of virtual processor/RAM resource available to a VM is totally configurable. This didnt help me when i had the problem as the VMServer already ran many VMs and there was no additional resource to hand out.

You can tweak your memory options for ReadyAPI! via the .vmoptions file in the ReadyAPI. Have a look at the following link -->

The alternative is to execute your tests in headless mode, i.e. execute your tests without launching readyapi! via the GUI. (Using TestRunner). This wont help whilst your creating/updating the tests in your project but would make a difference during execution.



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Couple of things for better results:
1. Use command line tool, testurnner utility provided under bin directory to execute the tests. No memory usage as soon as the tests are finished. And use different reporting tools such as Junity style HTML or PDF or other supported tool for checking the results once the test execution is completed
2. Use the tool mostly to design the tests.
3. Close the projects that not in use at the moment.

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Thank you for good advice Community!


@ersath97 I would suggest updating the tool, as well. 

Please mark the most helpful answer in this thread as a Solution🙂

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