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ReadyAPI saving/closing/starting the program takes very, very long time

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ReadyAPI saving/closing/starting the program takes very, very long time



every time I try to save a 40 MB project (ReadyAPI is installed on a vm and project direrctory is on a external server) it takes meanwhile up to 30 minutes to finish the process.

Another issue is the very, very long startup of the program. I tried all the stuff with .vmoptions and by deleting the db content, nothing works.

 It's like that since approx. version 3.x.

Anyone a clue what is wrong with it. I mean we've got an expensive PRO version that's not working properly. Please help.


Regards, 4nes-team

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@4nes-team : What helped me related to project is:


1. Usage of Document : Suppose we have functionality with doc upload, generally we are attaching the doc with API. I would suggest not to do that, instead pass the file path.


2. Divide the project : After doing 1st point still Project size is that big, i would suggest you to split the project into parts like create different project according to similar functionality.


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really? 40MB are to big?! Never heard that before 😄 

Unfortunately it is impossible to split our project into several smaller projects because the tests build on each other and it would get to confusing. That's not an option. So are there any other solutions?


Regards, 4nes-team

Based on the description of the issue, it is not sure what is the configuration of vm.
What you can do at your end for the moment, check the below and try

1. Please refer documentation memory optimization if not already


2. Other best practices


3. Analyze and see what is causing the project so stuffed and how the project size can be condensed?

It is not a less pain to wait for 30 min on each save and startup.

In the workspace of ReadyAPI, is this 40MB project alone or any other projects as well.

We are the members like you who are using the tool. Not sure if you have got chance to go thru the links provided earlier, those are based on multiple community members inputs either by usages or by expertise over a period of time.


I believe, you are here with a question seeking help. It is up to you to take suggestions or not. But no need to laugh at others for the suggestions / views. Please understand that others are spending time for your question.

Hope Smartbear team would further help you with their recommendations for your issues.

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