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ReadyAPI TestEngine proxy bypass?

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ReadyAPI TestEngine proxy bypass?

Hi all,

With the recent release of TestEngine 1.26.0 it now supports using a proxy server. This is really helpful because I can now use the API to install (and uninstall) the license used by TestEngine. However it seems all the traffic from the tests being run in TestEngine also defaults to using the proxy - which is not so helpful for tests of internal systems that can not be accessed via the proxy. So what I'm looking for is a way to add exceptions to the proxy server?


Since the the proxy is configured in the 'ReadyAPITestEngine.vmoptions' files I tried adding "". But doesn't seem to change TestEngine's behavior.


Does anyone have any ideas of how to encourage TestEngine to not use the proxy when running tests (but still leave it there for adding and removing the license)? (in a similar way to just turning the proxy off from the button in ReadyAPI)




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After a bit more investigation I fixed this myself. It seems if you put a "" line in the 'ReadyAPITestEngine.vmoptions' configuration file it is honoured. It wasn't working for me because the domain part of the URL's in my tests were just the server name, not the full qualified name (ie servername, when they should have been Once I have changed all my tests to point to the full domain the traffic stopped being routed via the proxy.


SmartBear staff: you might want to add something about this to the 'if using a proxy' part of the Fixed License activation page -

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