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ReadyAPI/TestEngine: Could use some guidance re paths to referenced Excel data files ...

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ReadyAPI/TestEngine: Could use some guidance re paths to referenced Excel data files ...

I've got a ReadyAPI project that works fine for me locally. It also works with TestEngine when I export the project to a .zip file.


Previously, the DataSource object pointed to the Excel data file (used for input and output) with syntax like this, but I would get errors when running with TestEngine, it couldn't find the data file:

   Example Path To Data File Syntax: ${#TestCase#DataPath}/${#TestCase#tcFileName}


So in the project in ReadyAPI I switched the syntax to look similar to this and it now works in TestEngine:

   Example Path To Data File Syntax: c:\repos\MyProj1\Project\dev\data


What is the recommended way to deal with this? And when I send this project to a coworker to import on his machine, will it not work if doesn't import the project into the *exact* same folder structure?


Thanks very much in advance.

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Thank you for the questions!


Hi @nmrao @TNeuschwanger @ChrisA @aaronpliu anything you could suggest? Thank you!

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Couple of things:

1. Is it a simple project?

2. What are the contents of the .zip? And what changes have you noticed when it used to work and now?


Other pointers:

Do you use any repository such as GIT / SVN in your project? It would be the best way to go forward to avoid loss of data or project artifacts.

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Thanks, Rao. It's a pretty simply project.


I noticed this snippet, and I'm definitely experiencing it.

"ReadyAPI may not detect some external dependencies when gathering files (for example, it does not add files you use in scripts). We recommend you open the created package and check whether all the needed files are packed. In case the package does not have all the needed files, you must add them manually. Do not forget to change the path to the files in the project. Use relative paths where it is possible."


It’s funny to see this, because out of curiosity I just manually added the .xls to the .zip and it does work for me then in TestEngine. But I was hoping to be able to skip that since I plan to script all of this.

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