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ReadyAPI - Formatting ReadyAPI files for reading and diff

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ReadyAPI - Formatting ReadyAPI files for reading and diff

ReadyAPI stores tests, suites, projects etc. as xml files, various settings as settings.xml files. These files often have one or more pages of xml content. But, they are often poorly formatted and compressed into just 2-3 lines which makes them hard to read, especially while doing diff.

Why does ReadyAPI not already format these xml files by default? How do I make ReadyAPI format these xml files by default or on demand?

Keywords - diff, settings.xml, order.xml, xml files, code formatting, auto format, auto-format.

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@rajs2020 : Not sure that we can change the pre-defined format.


I think @sonya_m can help you on this πŸ™‚


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Hi @rajs2020 ! I asked the team and it doesn't seem to be possible. Please create a feature request here

Sonya Mihaljova
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