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ReadyAPI-Environments: how to select the environment so it reflects automatically in the RestRequest

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ReadyAPI-Environments: how to select the environment so it reflects automatically in the RestRequest



In previous versions of ReadyAPI (before the major release 3.0) I could select a particular environment in a project that changed all Endpoints of the requests of a that particule project. Also, I only had 1 Endpoint in the Environment as I was adding it.

With the major release I'm not able to do so anymore. When I select the new environment, the old Endpoint stays in the rest request. Also all webservices created in that project are within each environment created. Why please?

What am I doing wrong?


What I would like to be able to do:

When selecting a project, I want to be able to choose which environment I need to execute the tests. Even if possible to automate it later on Jenkins to execute the tests for 1 particular environment.

e.g. if I have these environments:

* TestAcceptance

* Integration

I will execute the TestAcceptance tests manually by clicking on the desired project. As I'm always working in the test acceptance environment to add assertions, groovyscript, adapt the testcases according the analyse, etc...


The Integration environment should be ran automatically on Jenkins, therefore I will need some code.



But in the TestAcceptance environment I have 2 different Endpoints that need to be tested: TA on the client side, and TA on our side (our team). our side is put on a server, the client side is put on a forward proxy. Both enpoints need to give the same result, and at least an HTTP 200 result.

When selecting the environment the Requests Endpoint in my project doesn't change anymore. 

Can someone help me please?


Thanks in advance.



I'm experiencing that same. It causes me to go in and manually change each endpoint and even those changes may revert back to the original endpoint.

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Hi @socaltester 


I think I found a solution.

In my project I had to add webservices on creation. I've added a webservice as REST request.

On creation of the TestSuite-TestCase-TestStep I needed to link to the desired webservice right?

Well, click on the project, go to the main menu and go to Environments, create a new environment, in my case PDC-TA, add the Endpoint for this environment.

Create another environment with the name eg. FSB-TA and add another Endpoint to this. In each of the endpoints you can edit it and add an authorization if you want to. For my second one I needed Admin rights. So add this while editing.

Now when I go to my project and I select a rest request and I select FSB-TA as enviromet, I see the desired endpoint in my RestRequest. Nevertheless, all the endpoint from the different webservices still remain visible in the environments.

I really can't remember what I did wrong before, but it works.




Thank you for the update and I'm glad to hear you may have found a work around and/or solution. I'll give it a try.

Interesting. I don’t have admin rights on my work PC. Do you think’s necessary? I can’t get admin rights until I acquire a Microsoft Certificate of some sort. It’s aggravating. Sigh.

Anyway, I’ll attempt this on Monday.
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@socaltester No, normally this has nothing to do with admin rights on your laptop. Even if your company/client has installed ReadyAPI on your laptop, you should be able to access all elements IN ReadyAPI.


Maybe @TanyaYatskovska   or  @Nastya_Khovrina   can help you out here.


Good luck,


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Can you provide a video which shows the issue on your side. The issue should be slightly different from what @AAB experienced. 


If you don't want to share the video in public, you can open a new case with our Support team here: 

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I wish I could, but video isn't aloud.

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