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5 years ago

ReadyAPI-Environments: how to select the environment so it reflects automatically in the RestRequest

Howdie,   In previous versions of ReadyAPI (before the major release 3.0) I could select a particular environment in a project that changed all Endpoints of the requests of a that particule project...
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    5 years ago

    Hi socaltester 


    I think I found a solution.

    In my project I had to add webservices on creation. I've added a webservice as REST request.

    On creation of the TestSuite-TestCase-TestStep I needed to link to the desired webservice right?

    Well, click on the project, go to the main menu and go to Environments, create a new environment, in my case PDC-TA, add the Endpoint for this environment.

    Create another environment with the name eg. FSB-TA and add another Endpoint to this. In each of the endpoints you can edit it and add an authorization if you want to. For my second one I needed Admin rights. So add this while editing.

    Now when I go to my project and I select a rest request and I select FSB-TA as enviromet, I see the desired endpoint in my RestRequest. Nevertheless, all the endpoint from the different webservices still remain visible in the environments.

    I really can't remember what I did wrong before, but it works.