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ReadyAPI: Answer is 200 but no response visible

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ReadyAPI: Answer is 200 but no response visible


Is there someone who can explain me how I get a Response = 200 but no visible response please?

I can see the response in my webbrowser, why not in ReadyAPI? Is there a configuration that needs to be set?


Thanks in advance,




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Hey AboveAndBeyond,

The content length header on your response is 0, so either there is no payload in your response (which i admit would be weird for a GET request) or your query is retrieving zero data.

You say you do the same GET in a browser and youre getting different results?

Can you provide screenshots?
Ive had this before when something wasnt being authenticated/authorised correctly.

Best thing i can suggest.

Id run fiddler to compare what you are sending and receiving when you do the request in a browser compared with readyapi!

Without more detail thats where id start....



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Hi @richie 


Thanks for your answer. I found out what the problem was.

When you look at my screenshot you will see that my Endpoint contains  " beId${#TestSuite#param_beid}  ".

The first 'beId' is somethig that the Endpoint doesn't understand. Well actually, it doesn't find something like

"beId0cf26588-9baa-4a3d-b4bd-981ffbaac28e" so I actually needed to ommit the "beId" and pass the code like this:${#TestSuite#param_beid}

Now it works.


Thanks for you time, Cheers!


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