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ReadyAPI 3.8.0 - DPI settings and right mouse selection from tree objects


ReadyAPI 3.8.0 - DPI settings and right mouse selection from tree objects

Hey All,

We're evaluating the ReadyAPI Release 3.8.0 (post upgrade) and noticed we seem to get some "weirdness" when we select options from the tree with the right mouse. The associated options will either show up on your other screen or in a very condensed view in the middle of the app. We did not see this occur with the previous release (3.4.5) we were using.

I've tried different DPI setting options (properties --> "Change High DPI settings") to see if that made a difference, but still see the same issues when using a right mouse option.


Has anyone else noticed this behavior post upgrading to R-API Release 3.8.0 on Windows?

Thanks in advance !


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@sdeevers : Nice observation, i haven't updated mine Version, will surely give it a try after upgrading it thanks 🙂

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Thanks and Regards,
Himanshu Tayal

One other observation on this ... we noticed once you right click and the associated object shows up "somewhere", if you click, or move the mouse depending on what is being selected, three times ("Wizard of Oz" Syndrome???), the object will now be where it should have been originally.


We still haven't been able to get the associated object to display where it should when using any of the associated DPI options for the App or global settings.


Hey sdeevers.

I think I may have run into this issue previously while working with ReadyAPI, and I've found that having the ReadyAPI window on my main display resolves the graphical issues. So instead of trying to change dpi settings, maybe try setting the monitor that the application is on to your main display. 

Sarah !
The one thing I had not thought of 🙂 That did the trick. One monitor and laptop. Swapped primary to monitor instead of laptop (instead of moving R-API app to the monitor) and now right clicks keep the associated object in place. No more "Wizard of Oz" three clicks to get them to show up in the correct location / screen.

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