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ReadyAPI 1.6 and TestRunner: " Received fatal alert: close_notify"

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ReadyAPI 1.6 and TestRunner: " Received fatal alert: close_notify"

I just upgraded from ReadyAPI 1.3 to 1.6 today.  I've been using 1.3 for several weeks successfully but ONLY running via the GUI.  I successfully upgraded to 1.6 today by doing adding the following line to my vmoptions.txt configuration file:




I'm able to run test suites for a project via the GUI in 1.6, but when I attempt to run the same suite via TestRunner, I'm getting the following exception in my console log file: Received fatal alert: close_notify


Is TestRunner using a different configuration file that I need to add that entry into?  Any input would be appreciated!


NOTE: I just tested 1.3 with the same suite, and I was successful using TestRunner to execute the test suite.

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Hi Markgholland,


As far as I know, Ready! API and TestRunner use the same configuration file. So, the test should be executed fine in both cases. I recommend that you contact our Ready! API Support Team  ( ) to investigate this issue.

Please share the solution with us.


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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The resolution to this issue was to add the following entry to the file:


JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dsoapui.https.protocols=TLSv1,SSLv3"


For others like me that may be new to ReadyAPI/SoapUI, this file on my machine (Mac OS X) was located in the following location:




I hope this is helpful to others!

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