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Ready! API tabs: Projects and SoapUI NG


Ready! API tabs: Projects and SoapUI NG



On the main menu of Ready! API, there are Dashboard, Projects, SoapUI NG Pro, Secure Pro, LoadUI NG Pro, ServiceV Pro.  I'm confusing a little bit because the test project that I'm inheriting use both tabs "Projects" and "SoapUI NG Pro".  In that test project there are a few test cases that I have to enter some values before running the test.  So I have to swap back-and-forth between "Projects" and "SoapUI NG Pro" tabs to enter all the required values.  So my question, what is the different between "Projects" and "SoapUI NG Pro" ?  Can I just create test project under "SoapUI NG Pro" only?



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I've found that the Projects tab is really where you add your WSDL and bindings and maybe have some default requests. Everything I do I put under the SoapUI NG Pro tab, since they are then accessible for Test Suites, Test Cases, and Test Steps and I can better control the flow of data.


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Thanks for your response.


If you dont mind, can you give example of the test case scenario where we need to use both tabs "Projects" and "SoapUI NG Pro" ?



Unfortunately I cannot, since I've found the Projects tab to not meet my needs when it comes to testing. I design all of my tests on the SoapUI NG Pro tab, as it allows for much better control and flow of tests. 


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Same here I have not used the Project tab

Here's some documentation that might help: Project Interface



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Hi msiadak,


After looking through your link, I haven't found the answer  yet.  However for now I don't think I can escape from not using the "Projects" tab.  I just try to create new empty project, then add test suite, test case and test step.  As soon I finish with test step, the wizard asks me to enter "REST Request Test Step From URL." So I enter the web service API name that I'm trying to test which is Login method.  After that's done, I'm still on the "SoapUI NG Pro" tab.  However as soon I click on the Login method to add parameters for username and password, the Ready! API interfaces switches to "Projects" tab to allow me to add parameters.  So I think I will have to use "Projects" tab  unless if there is other way.



I like to use the Projects tab to design my REST API test Suite, and each with a test case, and each test case with a test step. Then I right-click the API and then choose "Generate Test Suite" - it puts me into the Soap UI NG pro tab where I can do further work such as groovy scripts at the test suite level, event scripts, Assertion scripts, and what have you. I do notice that my parameter values I put in at the project tab go blank once I switch back to the SoapUI NG pro tab. 


I'm new to this tool and REST API testing, for that matter (only recently found there is a difference between a Soap UI test and REST API test). Maybe I will find a way to do everything under the SoapUI NG Pro tab when I get more skilled.

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Hi Everyone,


On the Projects screen, you add and manage your API definitions (WSDL, Swagger, RAML, etc), tweak your REST API resources and methods (add or change parameters, etc.) and make test API calls. On SoapUI screen, you create automated functional tests for your APIs.


You can find more information in the Project Page documentation:

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