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Ready API junit reports to show each datasource row as testcase


Ready API junit reports to show each datasource row as testcase

I saw many messages about this but could not find solution. Is there a way to get each datasource row as a test case in the junit report.  I am actually executing the tests from Jenkins job and I really want this feature. Please let me know if this is possible with Ready API Junit report or other alternative. I am using soapui-pro-maven-plugin.


For example, I want the report to show for which set to data the testcase has failed and which set of data the testcase has passed and not just showing the whole test case as failed.


Thank you.

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This is interesting @cauvery. How are doing it currently? Are current results helpful or not? Details would help to see if there is any alternatives.


Currently if the test fails for one row it shows as the whole test case is failed. Does not show particularly on which data row the test fails. But that is not I wanted.

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Ok. I believe that in data driven world, it does not matter how many row in the data, may it is rather considered as one data set and the test should complete.

Also, it may not be possible to test for a particular row using data driven approach, right.

Of course, having details of particular row might help during defect fixing and verification quickly.


Thank you for your response @nmrao. Here is my scenario, let me know if it makes sense.


I used Junit reports with selenium UI testing, and it gives each parameterized test in the report as a test case. So expecting the same here which really makes sense.


For example, in my case, we had 15 different test cases but I consolidated them to one by parameterizing them for easy maintenance.  When there were 15 different test cases the reports were showing each one in test report and was easy to see which test failed.  But with my consolidation now it shows whole test failed, the higher level people wanted to know which test data failed and don't like to see the whole test failed. 


I think if there is no option I will have to split the test again to different test case even though it is just one value I am changing in that test every time. My data driven test is not making sense with the reports.


Thank you for any suggestion.


I'm looking for the exact same solution.


I need to know what particular iteration of the test data actually failed. Currently, the junit results display the steps that failed, but no context is included. It would be nice if the row number for the datasource was included, and ideally, it would be nice if we could display a value from a column of the row that failed (like a "test_case" column that contain the name or description of the test the row was testing).

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