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Query on Generator Runner

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Query on Generator Runner

This is regarding any rate based runner like fixed, ramp etc. E.g. I am using a fixed rate of 20/sec so it would send a request every 50 ms. My question is that would it generate request for each runner connected to the generator or it would generate a request from one runner every 50 ms. For example, I have three runners connected to a generator then will it generate 3 request every 50 ms or it will generate 1 request from Runner 1 on 50th ms, then at 100th ms, it would generate 1 request from Runner 2 and finally at 150 ms, it would generate 1 request from Runner 3, back to Runner 1 at 200th ms and so on...

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Connecting the three Runners directly from the output of the Generator component would cause each Runner to be triggered every 50ms. If you use a Splitter component to split the trigger signal into three paths, then only one Runner will be triggered every 50ms. Hope this clears things up a bit!

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