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Property Transfer Query - Property Expansion Rather Than Transfer?

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Property Transfer Query - Property Expansion Rather Than Transfer?



I've noticed this a couple of times before and I always meant to query it - but I kept forgetting.


Say I have a POST that is the second step in my test which is sourcing a unique value from the 1st POST's RawRequest - I can either hit the 'Transfer From' or the 'Get Data' context menu.


A 'Transfer From Property' form is generated (if I select 'Transfer From' rather than 'Get Data' context menu) and there is a checkbox entitled 'Create Property-Expansion:' with an additional label 'Creates property-expansion syntax instead of transfer' - I don't know what this means or the differences between property expansion and transfer.


see the following image for the form I'm talking about:




 Can anyone clarify what this checkbox actually does and how it impacts the property transfer/expansion please?


This might be so obvious I just can't see it so a stupid question - I've googled it without any luck - I've played around with it - but I can't identify what it actually does and how expansion differs from transfer.


Can anyone clarify?


As always - thanks to all!






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Hi Rich,


If you check "Create property expansion syntax instead of transfer" a property expansion for the Source step and Source property will be used to populate the field instead of a property transfer test step.  Please see the screenshots below.








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Hi all,


@MarcusJ, thank you for your reply!


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