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Project-level custom properties unable to store locally


Project-level custom properties unable to store locally

As per Ready API documentation -  Only test case, test suite, and project-level custom properties can be stored locally.

 Link to url-


I have few properties under project level but the check box is disabled to store locally or I am unable to check check box to store it locally. [Added screnshot]

But I am able to do test case level.

Is this a bug?




Hello @Hellotest - 


Do you have source control set up for this project?



Yes, GIT . 


Normally, properties are stored in the project file (or the project folder, in the case of composite projects) when you save your project.

But, you can select specific properties that will be excluded from the project and stored locally in the workspace file instead.

Is there a reason you want to store these on the workspace file, and not in the project file?

Yes, there are some values like GUID or random values, which keep changing . At that time they will appear in check in and there is no point in including the check-ins.

My original question is why there are disabled and unable to store locally though mentioned in the Ready API documents.


l would create a support ticket here:


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