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Project files corrupted !!

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Project files corrupted !!

Hello support Team,

I have multiple projects opened in default workplace. suddenly my Windows7 machine crashed..went for blue screen.

When I rebooted my machine, opened my SOAPUI PRO, it showed me a ERROR message that my default workplace will be cleared.

I clicked "OK".. Thats it !!

when I tried to import my project files to newly created workplace, it failed.. When I looked inside my project files (.xml) , it's corrupted !!!

ALL the project files which ever opened in my workplace are CORRUPTED !! which is NOT at all a good news !!

Do you have such error before? Please do help me !!

- Karthi


I have the backup project with .xml.backup entension. Now I am not able to use those backed up project in my SOAP UI 5.1.3.


Can you please guide me.

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Hi @amarranjanda,


This is a quite old topic. I suggest that you create a new topic and describe what you want to achieve in detail. We have a special forum for SoapUI OS users here:

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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There is a reason why projects use repositories such as git / svn / cvs etc.

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