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Problem in loading Swagger/OpenAPI Definition

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Problem in loading Swagger/OpenAPI Definition

Hi, I'm getting error upon importing Swagger/OpenAPI Definition. Error is "attribute components.schemas.Schema name doesn't adhere to regular expression ^[a-zA-Z0-9\.\-_]+$"


I tried viewing this documentation in swagger editor (  that explains the error that delete request cannot have a body.  

Howver, found there a button to try new swagger editor ( ), and that editor is not giving me the error. 


Looks like there's un update in editor that is not yet implemented by ReadyAPI latest version (ReadyAPI 3.40.2) 



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which version of OpenAPI do you use?


What is the API definition (or the data type name) which causes the error?

Thanks @KarelHusa

I'm using latest ReadyAPI version 3.40.2. 

Swagger documentation with specification version V3.0 is able to open my documentation. However, specification V2.0 is giving me this error: 



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and which version of OpenAPI do you use in your API specification?


The API specification shall start with:

openapi: 3.0.1

or similar declaration.


In OpenAPI 3.0 the component names may consist only from following characters

A..Z a..z 0..9 . _ -

Your name contains many other characters, including space, parentheses, etc.


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