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Possible Bug: Excel DataSource - Evaluate formulas


Possible Bug: Excel DataSource - Evaluate formulas




I have a formula in my spreadsheet:


=RANDBETWEEN(0, 9999999999)


In Excel this functions as expected, however when I use this in a SoapUI Excel Datasource with 'Evaluate formulas' checked. It often returns 2147483647 (signed int32 max)


Example DataSet:









Experimenting further I've tried:

=RANDBETWEEN(2147483647, 9999999999)

which often returns 4294967294 (unsigned int32 max)

Example DataSet:

- 3101863848

- 3272373208

- 4294967294 

- 4294967294 

- 4294967294 



I've also noticed that it doesn't like named ranges. I get an error that the named range doesn't exist even though it works fine in Excel.


This doesn't seem like intended behavior. I expect SoapUI to evaluate excel functions the same way that Excel does. 


Can anyone confirm that this is an issue?


ReadyAPI v2.4.0

Excel 2016

Windows 10 Pro Build 17134


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I didn't experienced bugs with datasource before but you can open a support request ticket and the guys from smartbear will respond asap.

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Thanks Lucian,


I've opened a support ticket and they're looking into it.

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