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Portability between different testing software


Portability between different testing software



I was wondering if there is a way to import projects that are created in another testing package called Katalon Studio directly into SoapUI or ReadyAPI as well as export to that same software package.  One of our clients utilises that particular software package for their User Acceptance Testing and we are currently attempting to shift those testing left, into our framework.



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Not sure of the testing package which you are taking about and what it does.

ReadyAPI does the following functionality. Please go thru the documentation, hope it may help you to decide as per your need.


Doesn't look like what I am after, sorry.  What I need is a way to pull the information from the Katalon Studio testing software into ReadyAPI so I can reuse and develop on it, then export what I have done back to Katalon Studio for our client to reuse if they need.  Manually recreating all the test cases and suites is my current option but I really do not want to have to reinvent the wheel so to speak.



I don't think there is any supported way to import a Katalon project. The project structure of Katalon Studio is very different from SoapUI/ReadyAPI. You would likely need to develop a plugin to support it or you could submit a feature request

Thanks.  That is my initial thoughts but I thought I'd ask and verify rather than make the assumption.

Hey @hazel_chua 


Just a follow up to what the other people have stated.


I've noticed a couple of people have raised similar posts on the forum recently.  I've used Katalon browser plugin (which supports front end capture/playback automation) but never Studio but I've done a little reading and it appears Studio includes an API testing component.  I'm guessing you're talking about API tests in REadyAPI!/SoapUI and extracting those into the API testing application within Katalon Studio?


The issue people are going to have exporting a ReadyAPI!/SoapUI .xml project file to use in a different tool or vice versa is that the underlying ReadyAPI!/SoapUI project .xml is obviously customised for ReadyAPI!/SoapUI and so wouldn't be interpreted correctly by a different tool if you were to import the project file into another tool. 

As far as I can tell -  you'd need to develop a bespoke exporter that maps the apis/testsuites/testcases/teststeps to something that would be interpreted correctly by the tool you'd be importing the file into.  Even then - ReadyAPI! has some standard types of test steps - REST & SOAP requests, Delays, etc. - but it also has some additional test steps that are less 'standard' and you'd need to map these 'non-standard' test steps to the equivalent in the tool you'd be importing the ReadyAPI!/SoapUI project into - it would be a big job and probably time prohibitive relative to how much work would be involved to just create the tests manually in the new tool.  


I suspect you'd need a different exporter/importer tool for each different application you'd intend to import the ReadyAPI! project into.


The only thing you could currently extract to export from REadyAPI! to import into another tool would be the APIs from within the project .xml file.  You could extract the API detail by extracting into an openAPI/swagger file that could be then imported into any tool that supports the particular openAPI/swagger .json file - HOWEVER - this is only the APIs - the testsuites/testcases themselves wouldn't be extracted in the .json file - so doesnt help you in the slightest.


Ok - that's all I got - sorry I couldn't be of more help!


nice one




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You have the test cases created in Katalon for WebServices / REST and you want to explore if it is feasible to shift to ReadyAPI on condition that if there is something which can migrate the existing tests to ReadyAPI tests . Is this what you are looking for?

If so, it again not simple to answer. There can be variable parameters to consider. How many tests, time required to migrate manually vs automatically, what common features, and what is ROI etc.,

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@hazel_chua ,


I don't think there is any way right now to import a Katalon project because structure of Katalon Studio is different from SoapUI/ReadyAPI.


You can do it manually if it is that critical and if ROI is good, in previous company there was need to do the same but from soap based service to rest bases, but the number of API were not too much, you can estimate it and then plan it.


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Thank you all for contributing a lot of useful data here!


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@sonya_m I'm not sure really... the posts do offer some insights into the functionality (or lack of) of the SoapUI/ReadyAPI software, but none of them is an actual "solution" per se.

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