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Pausing a scan for ReadyAPI Security Testing

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Pausing a scan for ReadyAPI Security Testing

Hi All,


As the subject suggests, is there a way to pause a scan for security testing?


There seems to only be the "Stop" button available and clicking that will cancel the scan entirely which could have taken hours to gain progress only to be restarted again.


Please help if there is anyone who knows of a way to pause it or any workarounds to not lose the progress and continue the scans from where it last stopped..


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No solution in hand.

Curious to know the scenarios where you want to stop scan.


For example:

You are done with the day and want to disconnect network.

The tool is taking more memory and not letting you do other stuff.


Other way, to install the tool on a lab machine which always in the network and keeps running the tool.

Also explore the command line tool available for the same under ReadyAPI_Home/bin directory, so that it may take less memory compared to UI tool.

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