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Passing the cookie in subsequent requests of SOAP UI


Passing the cookie in subsequent requests of SOAP UI

We are trying to automate API testing. In our API we will first pass Email and password and fetch the access_token. After generating the access_token we will place the token in some cookie say 'TokenCookie'.

Then this access_token should be passed in the header for calling any of the API methods. On the server side we will validate if the access_token passed in the header and token present in the cookie("TokenCookie") are same.If they are similar we will hit the api method and provide response else we will show 500 error.



The above approach is working fine when we test the api from postman. But in Soap UI the cookie 'TokenCookie' is not passed in the subsequent requests. But when we are fetching token ,in the Raw response we observed that the Cookie is set. We are checking the token in header  and cookie, as the cookie is null it is always throwing 500 error.


Could any one help us in passing the cookie for subsequent requests in SOAP UI


I have the same authentication method set up on readyAPI

I first get the token

using property transfer I add it as a property to the project level

In the test step that requires this cookie I add a header

the header is pointing to the project level property 'token' that I have created and populated using the property transfer above


It is working for me.


Use property transfer instead of 'get data' I find it more reliable

Make sure your cookie is transfered correctly - compare your raw data between readyAPI and postman to see the differences and adjust until you make it work

Good luck.

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Happened to do similar requirement sometime ago. Please refer below :

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