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One test case in multiple projects or test plans

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One test case in multiple projects or test plans

I only want to maintain my test cases and steps in one place but I want some test cases to be part of my regression test plan and part of my smoke test plan simulataneously.


How can I manage this withouth having to maintain the cases in multiple places?

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Hey @battagliajj 


I suppose it depends how you've got your project setup - are you saying for example that you have your testsuites/testcases already setup, and sometimes you want to execute some for your smoke testing and other times you want to execute others for your regression testing and other times you may want to execute some tests for your functional testing?


so you haven't actually got any duplicates in your project then - right?


Could you not use tagging for what you want? - i.e. add the tags for regression, smoke, functional to the various tests and only execute the tests with the enabled tag value?


I'm not very au fait with tagging - but I believe that's how you do it - and from what I've just read - it works in headless mode too





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Hi all,


@battagliajj have you had a chance to go through Richie's reply? What are your results?

Olga Terentieva
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we have our test cases setup in projects, we aren't using tagging yet.

I will investigate, thanks

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Thanks for the update, @battagliajj.

We will be waiting for the solution you find.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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