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One paramter in SOAPUI HTTP REST service

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One paramter in SOAPUI HTTP REST service

We have a POST method that has one parameter and is being implemented as HTTP. According to the dev, if there is only one parameter for the call, it HAS to be nameless. 


How do I get this to work with SOAPUI? 


When I make the request, I have to add a space for the parameter name, give it a value, then remove the space from the parameter name. It works fine as long as I don't close the project. If I close the project, the parameter gets removed and I have to recreate it every time. 


This creates an automation problem when I go to run the tests over night or throughout the day on our VMs.


Any help on how to make SOAPUI keep the nameless parameter? (Adding another parameter is not in the cards.)





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