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[OffTopic] Who are you outside of testing?

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Re: [OffTopic] Who are you outside of testing?

@msiadak and @tristaanogre thanks a lot for your recommendations!

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Re: [OffTopic] Who are you outside of testing?

I guess I'll start with the basics


I'm 22, so only have about a year under my belt as a tester, with one sister (21 years old, now an optometrist), and one little brother (9 years old). I've been a Londoner all my life (born in North, grew up in Central, and now live in East). I am driven by the thought of helping people - originally I wanted to be a Doctor before I realised coding is my true calling. And with that... onto the interesting stuff


I am a massive foodie, huge East Asian persuation (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai) but I also love Caribbean, Italian, and Mexican cuisine. But to be honest sometimes you can be a simple man and just want a nice steak more than anything else. Also Venison is delicious.


I adore the theatre, haven't performed in several years, but I still love going to watch plays like Phantom of the OperaSweeney ToddLes MisérablesBlood BrothersMacbethWoyzeck, and a little bit of a spoiler for the next thing I'm gonna talk about The Lion KingWicked, and Aladdin.

As you might have guessed I am a massive Disney nerd, my favourites come from the renaissance: TarzanThe Hunchback of Notre DammeMulanThe Lion King, and Hercules. I don't think there is a single disney movie that I haven't seen post Snow White (assuming animation). I also love singing along at least semi in tune Smiley Tongue


Other than Disney I enjoy watching a whole bunch of different series like Stranger ThingsDr. Who (doctors 9-11 - we don't talk about 12, haven't seen 13), The 100, and Black Mirror. And movies like How to Train your DragonThe Prince of EgyptAnastasiaThe ImpossibleKubo and the Two StringsStar Wars, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (although those last two are also Disney).


Gaming has always been my escapism of choice, indies like The Darkest Dungeon and The Binding of Isaac are great but my all time favourite is Borderlands 2. I am a massive minmaxer so I love a lot of Nintendo games like Fire Emblem and Pokémon, and strategy games like Sid Meiyer's Civilization. Outside of video games, I have been a part of a few DnD 3.5 and Call of Cthulu campaigns which were super fun. And I was the President of the Games and Video Games society at Queen Mary, leading it to its most successful year of over 200 members!


I realise this post is already pretty long so I'll quickfire the other things in which I like to dabble in: OrigamiGuitarViolinCookingBakingBasketballAmateur Story EditorPhotographyLearning about the English LanguageCreative WritingDrawing, and Pub Quizzes (or general knowledge quizzes in general). I've been doing these a lot less since I started working - still figuring out my worklife balance ahaha.


The final thing I will say about myself is that I love to travel, I've been on residentials all over the South of England, Whales, and Liverpool. I've been back to my family homes in Bangladesh, on a two week school trip to China (Beijing and Haerbin - definitely recommend the latter) and to several African/Middle Eastern countries (Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Morocco). These all represented great opportunities to practice photography!


So that's my not so short "summary" of me, hope you all enjoyed the little insight into the things that I like,


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Have an awesome day!
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