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OAUTH2.0 Implementation is not working in Jenkins

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OAUTH2.0 Implementation is not working in Jenkins

I have created the OAUTH2.0 profile as specified in ReadyAPI support page and also included a Groovy Script to get the fresh token always. It all works perfectly in local but in Jenkins it is throwing the error

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Please try to add more logging in your script and see where it causing issue if the present log is not helpful.

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Have attached the Logs.. 



I have created a OAUTH Profile and added Automation Scripts in the Scripts tab to have it accessed everytime the token needs to be refreshed. 

I have a REST steps which demands OAUTH

I have added the below code in RequestFilter.filterRequest Event


// Import the required classes
import com.teamdev.jxbrowser.*;

// Get a project
def project = ModelSupport.getModelItemProject(context.getModelItem());

// Get the needed authorization profile
def authProfile = project.getAuthRepository().getEntry("My Profile");

//Create a facade object
def tokenType = TokenType.ACCESS;
def oAuthFacade = new OltuOAuth2ClientFacade(tokenType);

// Request an access token in headless mode and assign it to the authorization profile we got earlier
oAuthFacade.requestAccessToken(authProfile, true, true);

// Access token retrieval may take time, so we need to pause the execution for 3 seconds to finish it. You may increase this value if needed.

// Posts a new token to the script log"Set new token: " + authProfile.getAccessToken());


I have tried the same with SubmitListener.beforeSubmit Event as well


Both works perfectly in Local windows machine. However when I trigger the job in jenkins (linux) it throws the error that chromium is not intialised



 clean test -Djxbrowser.chromium.dir=/apps/jenkins-agent/.m2/repository/com/teamdev/.jxbrowser -Djava.awt.headless=false is my MVN command in Jenkins


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