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No toolkit found - Apple M1


No toolkit found - Apple M1


After the last update to 3.41.0, the following error is thrown when ReadyApi is open on Apple M1 Pro:

java.lang.RuntimeException: No toolkit found

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I'm getting the same error on an Intel Mac. Using macOS 12.5.1 (Monterey).

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Thank you for posting this issue to the SmartBear Community. We would encourage you to open a ticket with our Support Team for assistance.


Thank you!


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There is a current issue for MacOS Monterey/M1 users with the installation of Java Toolkit, due to the upgrade to the latest Java 17.0.4 version. This problem is encountered by the M1 users only when updating to the latest ReadyAPI version by following the in app update notification or by downloading the ReadyAPI Trial version from the Trial Page. If you have already installed from the sources listed above, please uninstall this version before reinstalling from below.


Therefore, If you are an MacOS Monterey/M1 user, please download directly from the ReadyAPI Downloads Center. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


Please install ReadAPI MacOS (ARM 64-bit) version.


Product Support Portal | SmartBear Software 


Thank you


I am not on M1 but older Mac Book pro, however I am on "MacOS Monterey", and for me neither macOS (64-bit) nor macOS (ARM 64-bit) works

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