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Missing endpoint


Missing endpoint

Hi , I have a strange situation in Ready API 2.4.0 (pro). I have created a test which works in Ready API but one of the files I modified is not tracked by GIT and neither added in the correct folder on disk where my ReadyAPI repo is located. The resource is only present in my project (It's an endpoint defined @the project level and a corresponding test in SOAP UI) What am I missing here ?

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I don't really get what the problem is. You modified something and that is not tracked by GIT? Are you using the ReadyAPI in built source control or something else? How is it not added in the correct folder?

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Hi Lucian, yes I modified something in Ready API, saved the project but on git command line the file is not displayed as "modified". Also the file is not displayed in the folder where it's supposed to be added. I created a similar test and compared the files that's how I know it should be there. I'm using git bash console not built in source control.

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Hmmmm... dumb question but are you sure you saved the project? ReadyApi has this thing where if you have a test step/ test case/ test suite selected it only saves that particular thing. 


Also, if the endpoint is defined in an API definition (maybe you created a REST or SOAP interface) then you also need to save the project in the Projects tab.




It looks like it has nothing to do with git but rather with the project save itself. 

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What is it that you modify exactly?


I use git bash as well and if you modify a testcase, it usually alters the testcase xml file and project settings file. 



Sorry, I was out for a while. I will try to make another test and compare with this one to make sure it's nothing wrong my project's structure. Will keep you posted

I recreated the test in another project from scratch and it works. I copied the endpoint (on the Projects tab) then the test case in the first project I was working on then committed the code. Then refreshed the project and the endpoint on the Projects tab was missing again.

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