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License Reset for SoapUI

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License Reset for SoapUI

How do we reset licenses when an employee leaves and we want to re-assign license to another person?



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Hey @Jay-Codework
I take it youre talking about readyapi (licensed version of soapui) rather than the open source soapui?

What sort o license is it? Single user, fixed length, specific machine license or the floater?

If its a floater you can probably remove the old user from the allowed list and add in a new one.

If its the fixed term, single user license, i think thats going to be a bit more of a problem and you might need to contact smartbear support and see if theyll agree to the switchover to the new user for the remaining months of the license as the fixed term licenses are user specific. For example, say 2 different users can logon to my machine and i have readyapi installed. The license will only work for the one user with whom the license was originally registered.
You can migrate a license for a specific user from one machine to another, but its has to be or the original user.

Youll need to double check the above, cos its been a couple of years since i last migrated a license, but thats what i remember from when i did it before.


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