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Known Issue in Ready! API 1.6.0 - Received 401 authorization error


Known Issue in Ready! API 1.6.0 - Received 401 authorization error

If you receive this error on upgrade to 1.6.0, check the Auth Manager,


Make sure you have the correct profile loaded in the Auth manager and Environment if you are using Environment feature.



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On upgrading to 1.6, I have exactly this issue. The Auth Manager is absolutely fine and nothing has changed since I last ran my tests in 1.5. The initial post contains nothing useful, other than an acknowledgement that there is a problem.


Obviously, I can waste my time trying to find a solution for this. Or I can try to revert back to 1.5, which is probably going to be easier and quicker.

In case anyone still needs to know, here's my solution (in 1.8, which I presume is much the same as 1.6 in this regard):


On the Projects tab, select "Auth Manager".

On the window which pops up select "Auth Manager" tab


Here, I found that my root TestSuite was set to "No authorization" and all of the TestCases used the profile that I had set up (with TestSteps inheriting). I changed the root to use the profile and this was inherited downwards.


This fixed the problem (although needed to be repeated for each Environment).


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