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JsonPath RegEx Match

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JsonPath RegEx Match

I'm trying to assert that an JSON HttpResponse has the following string in it :

"TotalNumberOfResults": 1

but the one could be any number except 0.

I tried using JsonPath RegEx Match but when I type in the Regex it doesn't get saved, so it always passes. 

I also tried doing a regular Contains assertion, with this Regex

"TotalNumberOfResults": [1-9]\d* 

and that didn't work either. I know the expression is right because i tried it on with the exact output of the HTTP response and it gets a match. 

I also tried doing a JsonPath Match assertion with $['TotalNumberOfResults']>0 in the expression and "true" in the expected result, didn't work either.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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The first option using JsonPath RegEx Match should work.

Can you try recreating the assertion to see if it saves correctly?


I have used a similar assertion

JSONPath Expression  $.Total

Regular Expression  ^[1-9][0-9]*$

Expected Result  true

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For "greater than" checks, use the XPath Match assertion:

XPath assertion: //*:TotalNumberOfResults > 0

Expected result: true

Helen Kosova
SmartBear Documentation Team Lead
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Yes I tried many times in different test cases and it never saves the expression. Anyway, I learned how to use script assertions with jsonSlurper so I'm doing everything JSON related that way now. Thanks.

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That is probably a defect with saving a regular expression in the assertion.

I actually created JSONPath RegEx Match assertion in SoapUI open source version with no problem, but the regular expression is not saved in Ready API.


I am having the same problem of not being able to save changes to an existing JSONPath RegEx Match Assertion or a newly created one.


Did anyone report this as a bug?

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I found this post where version 1.9 has a bug and it does not save the RegEx.


please read the latest post on that thread.



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