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Issue when cloning assertions in assertion test step

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Issue when cloning assertions in assertion test step

I created an assertion test step and I was pretty excited about it. Among other design and usability problems I found a bug when cloning the assertions. When I tried to change the source and field it failed to give me all of my options in the source drop down. I had to delete it and create another new assertion. Very tedious and time consuming. I can only imagine this was because I had a lot of steps in my test case.

Usability issues:
1. Where is my play button. I don't want to run the whole test case in order to see if the assertions passed or failed. If I rerun the appropriate steps that will cause the assertion test step to pass or fail, then I should be able to run the assertion test step and have it reflect that without running the whole test case.
2. I can't right click when doing contains comparison to allow me to choose test case or other properties to compare against. Thank goodness when I type them in manually they still work.
3. Didn't notice an equals, only a contains in the assertions list.
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Source/property field will not show all options only those where have sense to apply selected assertion. For example if you want to change source/property for XPath assertion it will
show you only source that have properties which at least one property is XML , and for properties only those which hold XML will be available to choose.

1. We did not added play button since all test steps before Assertion Test Step need to be executed in order to validate assertions correctly. Values are taken at the moment when Assertion Test Step is executed not when source is executed. I wonder how do you think this could work better?
2. Yes, we are aware of this. It will be fixed.
3. You mean you need equals assertion?

Please if you have more ideas or what you do not like or like, let us know.


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