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Issue on datasource

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Issue on datasource

When i tried to get the value from my excel sheet i see the following error . zip bomb detected error. can someone help me on resolving it.





Instead of an Excel data source, try a File data source. 

I just tested it and file data source works well.

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There's nothing wrong with @mattb's suggestion, but to go a little further...


You mention Excel yet the file you have selected is a CSV.  If it's really a CSV file, then follow @mattb's suggestion and change datasource type to File.

If you want to use Excel spreadsheet as a datasource, then change type to Excel and ensure the file you are selecting is indeed an Excel file (.xls, .xlsx).


Both File and Excel work well as a datasource.  I just think you're mixing datasource types and file types.  Don't cross the streams!  (Bad 80's joke).

Hey @Harish2,

Just an update to what @ChrisAdams said.

I dont know the latest, but ReadyAPI didnt used to support just.supported xls format.

Things mightve changed, but if you have problems using xlsx, save the file as xls instead and you should be good to go


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Thanks everyone for the help in this thread!


Hi @Harish2! Could you go ahead and choose the best reply as a solution if it helped? Thank you!

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